Frequently Asked Questions

I want to log into my Host Control

I want to add sound and a voice over to my site, can you do this?
Yes we can. We can produce our own jingles, and have professional voice over and singing available to add to your site. We also have a portable recording studio that enables us to travel to you if necessary.

I want to collect info about people who visit the site; do I need a database?
Yes, you will also need web hosting that supports my SQL and php web pages. We can offer this type of hosting starting at $6.60 p/m ($80 p/a).

I want to sell products from my site, what will I need?
If you want the site to receive credit card information, you will need a payment gateway, ie Pay Pal or a merchant bank.
To initiate a payment gateway you will need an SSL Certificate to verify information about your business.
You will need a database to collect the customer's delivery and payment details; this means you will need hosting that supports My SQL and .php web pages. There are various on line stores (websites built specifically to sell products) that can be tailored to suit your business or we can intergrate a system into your existing site.

I want to be able to update my own site. Is this possible?
Yes, we can build you a site that is simple for you to update yourself.

What is e-commerce?
According to Encarta it is Business transacted online - transactions conducted over the Internet, either by consumers purchasing goods and services, or directly between businesses.

Can I have an OS Commerce site?
Yes, and we can tailor the site to reflect your business's corporate look and feel.

I want to build a site that employees go to for training purposes. What do you recommend?
There are many ways to go about this; one suggestion would be to have a presentation built. You can do this yourself in Microsoft Power Point, or we can do this for you. Another suggestion would be a training video, or speaking manuals, or simply a site with the training information presented in an interesting layout, perhaps with pictures or speaking animations.

Is it possible to put a power point presentation on the web?

My browser is not showing changes made to my website. What can I do to resolve this?
You must clear your cache memory.

To do this, open Internet Explorer and go to Tools> Internet options> General> and click the delete files button. Now click the refresh button and the new data should show.

To clear the cache memory in Firefox "Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network / Cache -> Clear Now" (Firefox 2) or "Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Cache -> Clear"

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