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self update news page, catalogue
& gallery

Price: $2000
  Basic site with multiple pages
Price: $1000
  Basic one page website with videos
Price: $600
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sale catalogue links to other site
Price: $700
  Basic site
Price $600

Basic website
Price $600


Sites start at $400 for 1 page, and cost $100 per page after that. We can add dynamic features, for example we can build you a site that you can access yourself very easily, with very little computer knowledge, to make your own changes. You might want to upload photos, change prices, or have a gallery, blog or news page.

We have a range of sites you can look at for ideas, or templates, or we are happy to start right from scratch, or even imitate other sites that you have seen on the internet. We can design all elements of the site including logos that you could later also use for your business cards and stationary.

We will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish, and can provide HOSTING & DOMAINS at extremely competitive prices, starting as low as $96 p/a for a tier one web hosting.
We can point your choice of one or several domain names to your website at very little cost.

For more detailed technical information go to FAQ. If you would like to read about the process in detail without getting too bored you can DOWNLOAD our terms and conditions which also tells you about the other elements to building a website. If the document doesn't open for you download and install this free software to open it. Link to download Adobe Acrobat free software if you do not have it to open our instructions.